Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who needs good taste?

... when you have a moment like this, all decency standards in blogging have to take a back seat!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Windy on Whidbey

It's begun. Every area of the country seems to have some kind of natural disaster to toil with (heat waves, blizzards, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes etc...) wind storms are the beast here. So far only about 5 or 6 shingles have blown off the roof so that's pretty good compared to last year. Thank the sweet Lord I married a handyman who is able to shimmy up on the rooftop and patch us up in a lovely, effective way. My windchimes have taken a beating though...

Today being Veteran's Day, I got to enjoy a FULL day off with Steve. We listened to the walls creak and shake for a while and then decided to get out of town and face the comercialistic craziness at the Bellingham Mall. It was good to let the kids run around but thousands of other people in NW Washington had the same idea so the place was a madhouse.

So we've had a whirlwind few weeks here. Our friend Rachael came to visit for a bit and that was awesome to see her. I must admit there are things (people) I do miss about our life in California.

So here's some belated Halloween pictures. We aren't the hugest Halloween fans so I was slow to think about any costume ideas so these came together literally that same day from a friend who loaned the Duck and Dalmation costumes to us. Xavier's quasi-viking came out of the toybox and some face paint... and Papa quickly crafting a sword and shield for him out of some spare wood in the garage.