Friday, August 29, 2008


(For those who've kept us in prayer lately, I thank you immensely, for those who've no idea what I'm referring to, don't worry... we're doing great because God is an awesome, merciful God.)

Pictures of the kitchen should be up next week. For now some other visual updates and a reflection. When I deleted my old blog, it was because I was starting to get on a soapbox about society and issues and things and it wasn't healthy for my spirituality. So I've tried to keep this blog focused on just the kids and basic updates etc. As it is, I'd like to start the occasional chronicle entry of our homeschooling journey too. I don't want to do this because of any reason other than I simply want to share some of the things we are striving for in our home so our friends and family can understand us better--(red flags always go up when people hear that we are homeschooling.) and hopefully clear up some misconceptions about what it means to be a homeschooler. There are a million other homeschooling blogs out there that are way better than mine (just ask and I'll link you) so I don't intend to make this total homeschooling blog... but there may be an occasional post with our happenings and/or our philsophy behind our lifestyle. Because homeschooling isn't just an academic choice for us-- it is a lifestyle choice (more about that later!) For now the picture parade:

I just love this photo... it epitomizes the Peck lives.

Xavier gets ready to be ring-bearer in Aunt Mandy's wedding:

Here are the bride and groom:

Dominic's first plane ride, when we went to the baptism of our new goddaughter in CA.

The only good thing about my yard this year:

And I think I might frame this one for the wall: