Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a new thing

Very recent and spontaneous decision making has led to an entirely nightmarish, crazy, rewarding spectacle.

It all started with a can of paint. I wanted to simply rid myself of blaw, so I bought a single can of dandelion yellow paint for the kitchen.

But then the ugly pink countertop looked horrid. So we bought new countertop. Then Steve said we may as well update the cabinetry we've beeen wanting to do since the day we moved in.

(The house has the original 1957 falling apart wood cabinets in the kitchen)/

Then we figured we may as well go all the way and do the floors too.

Since we had only a tiny wall oven and cooktop, this also meant getting a new (to us) oven. And the dishwasher apparently was leaking and rotted out the floor decking so a new one of those is in order too.

My oh my, what a project. Today I washed dishes in the backyard with the hose. Steve promised to have the sink in tonight. The whole kitchen was GUTTED. All my STUFF has been in boxes and wagons all over the living room. The backyard is filled with ripped up piles of floor and cabinets with old rusty nails sticking out. The kids are not allowed back there obviously. Which is a nightmare considering it's summer and the living room is filled with stuff.

As it is, he and a buddy from work have been working VERY hard to get this done. Our budget and savings account and credit card have taken a beating... but we figure this'll boost the resale of the house by at least 10 grand. Anyway the new cabinets are in. Countertops in. Sink is tonight. Floor is tomorrow. Appliances next. Then paint touch ups. Oh my. I hate eating out now. We're breaking out the campstove tonight.

However, it is going to look fabulous when finished. We will not likely be painting the exterior of the home this summer like it so desperately needs, but this will be a huge, welcome change. Golden yellow walls, bright white cabinets, pepper blackish countertops, blackish ceramic tile. Kind of a bumble bee look I think... hmmm. Anyway, I'm at the library computer so no pics until it's all said and done.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Recent shots of each of us Pecks:

Me and Nico in a sling I made.

Nico and Leo at bathtime. Yes bathtime. On a hot summer day this sometimes means putting bath soap in the kiddy pool.

Little man testing out his biking skills.

Not so little man charming the camera-girl.

Steve-O acting like a BBQ hot-shot on the 4th of July.