Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, it's obviously been awhile since I've updated this blog. A couple of reasons:

1- My camera is broken. Thank heavens we were still barely under warranty so it's being repaired... but they've been taking their sweet time.

2-We've been really busy!

3-I spend probably an inordinate amount of time on Facebook and much of what I post on here feels rather redundant. I'm thinking about quitting the blog altogether again (I know, I'm such a waffler) especially since most the people who read this blog are now on Facebook so there's that option of keeping up... but I'm not sure.

A quick update before you don't here from me for awhile. I'll be offline throughout Lent; though I'll check my email weekly or so (probably Monday evenings if anyone wants to know).

  • I'm doing lots of organizing and spring cleaning around the house; it feels like there's so much to do and not enough to do it. But I am well into my 2nd trimester now so that's usually when I'm feeling my best and I need to take advantage of that!
  • Steve and I aren't coming to any agreements yet on baby names so don't ask! :o)
  • I'm sewing a lot lately, making lots of mei tais and enjoying that.
  • Steve is busy being Superman at work and home doing everything he can to juggle all the demands placed on him. He won Sailor of the Year and may be up for more awards this year on a national level! Still unsure of post-Navy plans... we're putting our faith in God and trying to be patient.
  • Xavier is signed up for Little League this year-- his first go at organized sports. What he REALLY wants to do is play football, but he's biding his time. Leo is getting better and better and simple math equations and letter/word recognition. He's quite a bit more advanced than Xavier was at his age. We're considering getting him involved in Tai Kwon Do... just so he has his own focus apart from his brother-- their competition can be brutal sometimes. Dominic is his little rascally self-- snugglicious still and his terrible twos aren't TOO terrible so far.
  • Upcoming Peck plans include an overnight date to the Seabee Ball (on Steve's birthday!), babysitting curtesy of my Mother in Law, a WWME retreat weekend in late March, babysitting curtesy of my parents, lots of liturgical Lenten activities around the home ( I encourage you to check out some of the posts written about this season on the old Coffee and Diapers website), a couple different community and church volunteer projects Steve and I are involved in, and a perfect day to celebrate my birthday: Easter Sunday.

So there's all that. Hope all of you are well. And we'll see what kind of conclusion I come to about the blog after 40 days or so. God bless!