Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Xavier turns five!

Here's the boy.

Here's the super-snakey cake Mom made. I thought about bringing out a statue of Mary to smash its head but thought that might freak the kids out. (See Genesis 3:15)

Here are the children playing in the bubble machine that was given to Xavier. The cool thing about our particular friends here, is that between 3 families we have quite a party: 10 kids!

Xavier was thrilled with the gifts that came in the mail... and with the new bike/helmet he recieved; he's already put a few miles on that thing. Hmm... I forgot to take a picture of that. Soon maybe. I'm still navigating this new computer system of ours.


Erin said...

Ellie...it looks like you have a beautiful home!! Also, how did you make that cool snake cake??

Ellie said...

easy... two bundt cakes cut in half and alternated to give to swervy slither. Frosting, candies... ta-da!