Tuesday, January 22, 2008

paint, surgery, and the backyard

Update on Dominic: he has to go in for a consultation with a surgeon to see if he needs skin grafts on his palm. The burn was pretty bad. The doctor thinks it SHOULD heal okay but he has a minor concern about one section of skin... so we'll make an appt. first thing in the morning.

Well after almost two years of living here, we've painted! The dining room is the color of pumpkin pie and the living room is like split pea soup. Steve says it looks like a Jamba Juice. But he likes it a lot... and so do I. We aren't doing the kitchen yet because we hope to someday redo the cabinets, but it's going to be a school-bus yellow when we get around to it. The fireplace looks so great now with the whitewashed bricks against the olive green. It just feels different in here and we are happy about that.

Steve also finally moved the giant play structure out of the gravel pit and into the corner of the backyard onto the grass. It looks so much more "cohesive" back there. Now we can focus on getting the rest of the backyard cleaned up and put back together. We're having a little get-together for the Superbowl and we want the concrete all clear for all the kids to be able to ride around on.

I would take pics but I'm too lazy right now. It's been a long painty day.


O Mama Mia said...

Poor babe! Our prayers our with you & yours.
And get off the lazies! I'm dying to see paint pics!!! ;) (All said in love.)

Erin said...

hehe, I want to see pics too...sounds so pretty!! If we ever own this house we want to paint also!! Adds something! Poor little one, keep us posted, he is in our prayers!