Thursday, April 3, 2008


First of all, I decided it was time for a new family portrait; and I must say that this is the best I've ever looked in a picture. We are lacking in a "dirty blonde" people for Leo, so the kid with the hat will have to do.

Any news on the family front? Not so much. I've done a couple more photo gigs for small payment so that's nice.... also have another wedding coming up in June. So this convinced Steve and me that it was time to upgrade our camera a bit to better equip it for the professional stuff. And so, we bought an external flash, a diffusion attachment and a camera remote: hooray! Now we can do bounce lighting for indoor shots and have much better control over the lighting. I'll feel 100 times more confident in doing the next wedding than I did in the last one.

Boys are playing hard, we're all still getting over the sicknesses. Leo and Dominic had ear infections and since we've had mixed luck and bad feelings about antibiotics, I went ahead and took matters into my own hands and did a garlic oil drop solution and Hydrogen Peroxide and it's worked well!!!

Steve's working hard as always; the firefighter training continues until May so we'll be excited to be done with these tedious homework nights.

And we were asked to be godparents to our friends Joe and Lindsay's newest baby (she's due any day now) so we are thrilled to add another member to our family. Unfortunately, we can't quite swing taking the whole family out there so just Steve (who was Joe's confirmation sponsor) will be attending the baptism in Utah later this month.

And that's about it for now!


Erin said...

hehe, I love the little people photo!! So is Steve an official firefighter come May?? Jason has always been interested in that, done the testing and been on "the list" for over two years with no hiring!! Ugh. He even got his EMT certification for mayeb one day he will try again. Would love to hear more about the antibiotic issue and get that ear infection remedy!! You did a FABULOUS Picture job at the wedding, but glad to hear you are getting some good camera pieces and feeling more comfortable!!

O Mama Mia said...

LOVE the new fam "photo"!! But you lie. You're gorgeous all the time, you natural beauty you!
Jumping subjects here: Similisan makes a fabulous all natural earache pain relief drop. I doubt it does a lick for the actual infection, but it helps the pain.
Jump: So jealous of your new camera goodies! But then again, you deserve it... you, my dear are AWESOME behind the lens. (and in front of) So are you willing to sell your "old" stuff? I'm still hunting for my dream zoom for nature & action (hello? perpetual motion kiddo??).
Now.... do be so kind & post a REAL fam pic, mkay? ;)