Monday, April 14, 2008

picture parade

Hello all, here's the latest:

Steve's trying to keep his head above water as his final month of firefighter training comes to a culmination. We'll both be thrilled when this is finished!

Ellie has been going baby-carrier crazy and since we can't splurge on the hundreds of dollars the kind she WANTS cost, I've resorted to making my own, imperfect but serviceable ones. These are my two guinea pigs. The beige one is called a mei tai and I'm in love with it. It supports the baby's (or TODDLER'S) weight SOOO well... better than some of my store bought carriers. I learned a lot already and can't wait to perfect my technique with following ones.

Xavier is putting in lots of miles in the backyard.

Leo is busy driving Dominic up the wall.

Dominic is a sweetheart, trying to get over the remnants of his cold. Excuse the boys' pasta faces in the bottom photos.


O Mama Mia said...

I sooooo get the baby carrier desires! I want one in every style & every color! But I'm not as crafty as you to make my own. You go, mama!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the pasta faces!

Erin said...

hey mom tried to make the first wrap you made....but we aren't sure what happened. We think maybe the ends were too tapered or the whole thing too short? she followed your instructions she thought....and where did you go to find the different carries for it again? thanks!! You are so good!

Therese said...

The baby carriers look great Ellie.