Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Real men wear babies

This is the mei-tai Steve insisted that I keep for us... since he's agreeable to wearing it, I will comply! Dominic loves his Papa more than words can say... (and vice versa)


MamaEscandon said...

These photos are precious! I am going to have to get Paul in a mei tei... although he doesn't quite understand why we need more than one sling.

Erin said...

did you make this one too?? where did you find a pattern to make the ones you have done? Also, where was that site to learn the different ties for that one wrap you did? my mom made one but we think she tapered the ends too much that it won't tie right....thansk girl!!

Ellie said...

Yes, I made this one too. I used 2.5 yards of cotton duck fabric (any home dec fabric will work) and got the tutorial from this site:

I adjusted the dimensions after making a few of them... now I have it down pat: the body panel dimensions are 14.5 inches wide and 18 inches tall.

Also, something the tutorial doesn't stress that I think is CRITICAL, is to iron everything before topstitching.

Wrap ties:

O Mama Mia said...

LOVE the pic! Love the sling! REAL me DO wear their babes!!!