Monday, June 23, 2008

and now.

Since I've always been one to freely admit my moderation problems with the Internet, I'm quite thrilled to be announcing that Steven and I decided to get rid of our lovely, fast, efficient DSL. We are going internet free; the signal will be dropping from our house in 3-5 business days!

Now the legions of fans I have may find my assembled FAQ to be of some help to you:

Q: Does this mean we'll never see you again?
A: No dearies, we'll still be alive. And even online occasionally.

Q: But HOW?
A: There is a Starbuck with free Wi-Fi two blocks from us. We have a laptop.

Q: But your blog is so titillating, how can I manage not knowing the details of your life?
A: Well, you could try writing a snail mail letter; I ALWAYS write back.

Q: Eww... how old fashioned!
A: Indeed.

Q: But seriously, the blog?
A: I suppose I can manage posting pics or pertinent updates on occasion. Monthly?

Q: Netflix?
A: We currently have about 160 movies on our queue... that should hold us over for some time before we need to update it.

Q: Online banking and bill paying?
A: While Starbucks isn't my FAVORITE coffee place, it'll do in a pinch.

Q: Will you still be checking your e-mail?
A: I imagine weekly or so. I still prefer e-mail communication over the phone most of the time.

Q: But what WILL you do without it?
A: Hopefully engage more in the 3D world here... laundry, dishes, walks, music, beaches.

Q: But Ellie, we know you... how will you live without instant access to your homeschooling forums and your Catholic forums and your and facebook and the Drudge?!?
A: Someone once told me that God will reward us anytime we choose a greater good. I truly believe not having internet in our home will be a greater good, even if those things weren't "bad" to begin with.

Q: Okay fine, but you can't tell me Steve feels this way too?!
A: There are depths to that man that many people don't often see or take the time to discover. You'd be surprised.

Q: So are you saying the rest of us with internet are bad people? How judgemental!
A: Of course not. The pope has internet, I'm quite fond of him. It's simply what seems to be the right choice for us at this particular time in our lives.

Q: Well FINE, but I bet it won't last!
A: It may not, we aren't totally dogmatic about this. We figured it was a good way to save money, to simplify our lives, and to focus more on the family. If our joy somehow DECREASES because of this, we may be online again soon. But while technology has done fabulous work in increasing human entertainment and pleasure, it has done almost nothing to add to human joy.


O Mama Mia said...

Fine. Are you saying that you need a sponsor for your monthly internet bill to keep your titilating posts & photography that dazzles to the point of philosophical amazement?????

MamaEscandon said...

Free wi-fi usually = unsecured network. Not very safe for bill paying and online banking, IMO. You are opening your computer up to a laundry list of potential problems.

Good Luck!

Ellie said...

Jess, no we don't need a sponsor to keep us online. It's more of a lifestyle choice than a financial choice.

Rachael, point taken, thank you. Maybe I'll schedule to do bills twice a month on my friend's computer...

Therese said...

You have motivated me Ellie. Steve is taking our modem cord to work with him so that I cannot just check my email quickly or see what is happening at DCF. What ever is happening will still be there in the evening. The time I am suppose to go on.