Tuesday, September 23, 2008

birthday jammin'

And here are some blackberry jam making chronicles.

Dominic is two years old!!! Before we had a chance to serve his football cake, he dug into it... trying to throw a spiral I guess.

Here he is talking to his peeps on his "cell phone" that Grandma got him... she knows him well!

New outfit, also from G-ma!

And my latest mei tai carrier that I made... Steve says it looks like a 50's linoleum floor. Hahaha! Speaking of that! Click on this link and vote for my poem so I can win a Freehand mei tai please!!! I think mine is like the third one down currently. (Just make sure you click the thumb's UP not thumb's DOWN!)



Erin said...

Love the mei-tai.....how do you make those? My mom would LOVE TO!! I will definetly vote for you. Would also love the jam recipe, one thing I haven't tried making...do you need any special canning tools or such? Happy Birthday Dominic!!

Therese said...

Happy Birthday Dominic. I hope you win the Mei-tai.

O Mama Mia said...

That is one of my fave fabrics right now! Tell Steve-o "shush!" My dipe-to-go bag & changing pad are that print in cherry!
And ummm.... two already???? Stop it!