Wednesday, December 31, 2008

in review

I loved Joann's idea about posting a year in review... here's my take on it, a photo a month for 2008. This was a bit tough since some months were very busy and full of pictures (June, August) and others had almost nothing on my files (February, November) but I'll give it a go:

JANUARY: meet Scut Farkus

FEBRUARY: exploring artillery bunkers

MARCH: Berry cobbler

APRIL: this was for a contest (that we didn't win)

MAY: Academy graduates

JUNE: loving my Leo

JULY: goofing with the Pope kids

AUGUST: Bride and nephews

SEPTEMBER: taking advantage of the beach a mile away

OCTOBER: in the park

NOVEMBER: if only they acted saintly too

DECEMBER: Christmastime

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Erin said...

Neat idea, will try to post one too!! Merry Christmas friend and Happy New Year. Hope you are feeling well!