Thursday, January 15, 2009

Planning Part I

I've been working like a dog (a happy, interested dog) these past few days researching and compiling ideas for how to stay organized and prepared for next school year.

One thing I've completed is my booklist. While there are loads of great children's books out there, the ones on this list are pretty much seasonally specific. Furthermore, there are plenty of seasonal books that are a whole lot of "twaddle"... so consider this list for the discerning parent who enjoys books about the good, noble, beautiful and true things in life. Good art, good message kind of thing. It's not like every book on this list is a treasure... but every book IS BETTER than some of the twaddle-rific books they pass off as literature these days.

I made this list so I can further implement the concept of seasons, liturgical year and rythym in our day to day lives. Generally we like to check out books from the library on pertinent subjects, e.g., Christmas books at Christmas time etc. But apparently we're not the only ones so if you show up at your library a week before Christmas looking for books on it, you'll be out of luck. This list will help me to get a head start on reserving books for seasons and holidays to put in our book basket. I just put a hold on some February and Valentine's Day books for example. Obviously, you won't be able to get every book on your list, but I like to put as many options on there as possible. To give credit where credit is due, I got most of these titles from Dawn's blog (where I've also been gathering monthly theme pages to be posted here later), the 4 Real Learning Forums, MacBeth's Opinion, Michael O'Brien's booklist in this book, my own bookshelf/knowledge, and reviews/recommendations. It is subject to additions in the future, but my eyes are so worn out from working on this, it may be a while!

So without further ado, please use this list yourselves as a great springboard into the wonderful world of picture books! (Note that it starts in August to match up with academic calendars somewhat...)

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