Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, not that people are knocking my door down for business but for what it's worth, I updated my photography website. I thought about getting a professional web designer but I had to remember that my goal isn't to make this a career... it's just a pastime and I have to keep it humble to glorify God. So I used what VERY little design skills I have to make it what it is. I especially wanted to make it clear on the "About" page that I'm just a one-person, part-time lover of photos... not a major professional or anything.

And frankly, I hate listing prices... because I have often done photos for free for families who wouldn't otherwise afford it. And I LOVE doing this and plan on continuing to do this when the opportunity comes up.

But, I have to also remember that I'm performing a service for others and I shouldn't devalue the entire photography business just because I like doing it; it does take time and my family has to to sacrifice to make it happen also. So I threw some numbers up there because from a consumer perspective, I HATE it when businesses say "Call for prices" or the like. I like to know what to expect up front. So there's that.

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