Tuesday, October 2, 2007

8 months later...

We have given our dog away. Luna was a great pup but she deserved a lot more time and attention that we had to give. So after screening dozens of craigslist and freecycle responses, we've given her to a family in Graham, WA. They have a couple acres, another dog and horses. They are a total redneck family... which is good; these type generally take very good care of their dogs. And I felt really good about them when we met them. Anyway, the boys did fine with the transfer, Steve too surprisingly. Having a dog was just more of a commitment than we were ready for. Maybe when the boys get older and can take more responsibility for her.

We've been busy here. Just had Xavier's godmother and my dear friend Beth visit last week. And another Californian friend is coming at the end of this month, maybe a Utahn in between! Oy! It's good to have people visit!

Dominic turned one last month, I've not uploaded those photos yet. Here are a couple from our trip to Tillamook, OR last month.

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Erin said...

Your pictures are so beautiful and boys so cute!! Sounds like fun with all that company...and busy!