Monday, October 8, 2007

Dominic turned One; Beth visits; Whale watching

He's walking all over the place now... our little one year old football-loving bundle of joy! He's the first kid so far who was not interested in eating the cake; he smashed and threw it all over!

Here Xavier is enjoying little brother's birthday present, his walker wagon. He uses is A LOT. But he also climbs into it and sits proudly like King Tut while his brothers scoot him around the house.

And Xavier's godmother and my dear friend Beth came out to visit last week. It's so good to have godparents be an active, VISIBLE part of our children's lives! Here they are flying kites at the Fort Ebey bluffs nearby.

... And on the ferry to Mukilteo, Leo claimed her as "his girl" while she was here.
And my soon-to-be brother-in-law Eric, generously insisted on taking the boys and me (and his visiting mother, stepdad and fiance of course... Steve had to work) whale watching.

This is what we saw:

(I think that's a distant boat on the horizon.)


Therese said...

Happy Birthday Dominic. I cannot believe he is one already.

Christopher has a trailer that our children use to push him around in too. They loved pushing him and he loved going really fast (and giving his mother grey hairs).

Erin said...

Love the cake pic!! And the wagon...Angel has a little push cart that she loves but one of the wheels is broken now...:( Your pics are always so gorgeous. Glad you are enjoying company!!