Sunday, October 28, 2007

Leo turns 3; St. Francis Xavier; Hiking up Mt. Eerie

He asked for a cat cake... a cat cake he'll get! Xavier dressed up for All Saints at Mass. The face painted facial hair got a lot of giggles. We were treated with a visiting bishop from Nigeria. Steve's mom came to visit which gave us a good excuse to get outside in the fresh air and hike up Mt. Eerie to be treated to a glorious view of the San Juan Islands and the Olympic Mountain range. She took this great picture of our family (Dominic is on Steve's back, unfortunately.) And finally, we have Dominic doing his trademark snear with Uncle Charley. Please pray for my family... that we put full faith in God's providence and mercy.


Therese said...

Wow. The cake is impressive Ellie. It is a great family photo even though Dominic is on Steve's back.

Therese said...

PS. Many prayers for God's providence.

Erin said...

Hi there girl. Always love the pics. Now, how did you do this wonderful cake? Have to store all these ideas for when I need them!! I will keep you all in my prayers...any news from the USN? Wish I could get to Whidbey to meet soon.